If you are looking to establish paternity or child support, and were never married, the Law Office of Jonathan N. Schatz can guide you through the process.


If you and your former partner are able to agree on how to resolve issues of paternity, custody, or support this can be accomplished simply by having our attorneys draft and file the necessary paperwork. This amicable approach can keep the costs manageable during a financially stressful time.


Unfortunately, it is not always possible for former partners to agree when it comes to their children. If you are entering into a contested parentage action, or wish to file a petition with the court to establish paternity, custody, or receive support, our attorneys will navigate the issues wisely and efficiently to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.


Divorce Consulting


The decision to dissolve a marriage is often comprised of difficult financial and emotional considerations that can be overwhelming. Whether you have been married for 5 or 50 years, our attorneys understand how difficult this decision can be. Our divorce consulting services provide a safe and confidential environment for you to address all your financial and emotional concerns with our support, and most importantly, excellent legal advice when you need it most. Whether you are unsure divorce is right for you, or have already come to that conclusion, the Law Office of Jonathan Schatz will guide you through the process, and guide you through your new chapter.

Pre and Post Marital Agreements


Today, many couples are marrying later in life for either financial or professional reasons. Subsequent marriages are likewise becoming more common. As a result, modern couples may have substantially more property entering into a marriage than couples of the past. Such property can include real property, real estate, inheritance, securities, business interests, retirement funds, pension plans, stock options, and other actual or potential sources of wealth.


Prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements can protect you and your extended family in the event of a marital breakdown. In order to ensure enforcement of your premarital or post martial agreement, the Law Office of Jonathan N. Schatz is well versed in avoiding unnecessary mistakes that can lead to the invalidity of these agreements.



Financial Valuation and Property Division


In a divorce one of the most complex and time consuming processes is dividing property. In an effort to ensure that your personal and financial interests are being protected, it is important to seek representation from a competent and experienced attorney. Our attorneys help guide clients’ decisions on how their property will be divided.


The concept of equitable distribution governs in Illinois, which means that property is not necessarily spit equally (50/50), but rather is divided according to a formula that considers each party’s individual financial circumstances and general principles of fairness.


Whether your marital or non-marital estate is highly complex or relatively straightforward, the Law Office of Jonathan Schatz will help you reach a settlement. However, if your case is ultimately litigated, we will ensure that your rights and financial interests are aggressively protected.



Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection


No person should have to live in a state of constant fear or intimidation. An Emergency Order of Protection is an immediately enforceable form of relief for someone in an abusive relationship or marriage. To obtain an emergency order of protection, the party petitioning for an order of protection is not required to give notice to the other party. Once emergency order of protection is served, both parties must typically appear for a hearing in order to obtain an ongoing order of protection.


An order for protection may prohibit an individual from making further contact in person, by phone, by e-mail or by other means of communication with the protected party, or oust a threatening person from a shared residence; award the protected party temporary possession and legal custody of minor children; among other remedies.


Obtaining an order of protection is often an emotional and intimidating process, our attorneys act as a buffer between you and the courtroom, allowing you to focus exclusively on your safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of your family.




Whether involved in a divorce or parentage action, parties may desire to engage in mediation in order to avoid litigation  Mediation provides a dispute resolution forum which may be helpful if the issues are complicated, or if the parties need a neutral third-party to assist them.


Divorce mediation is a voluntary process in which a mediator, trained in facilitation and negotiation techniques, assists both parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediated agreements, especially in situations involving families and divorce, may include unparalleled solutions customized to particular situations that are not available in litigation through the court.


In order to garnish the most benefit from your mediation, preparation is key. Our attorneys are skilled in fully preparing you before you sit down at the negotiation table in order to best ensure that your mediation experience meets its full potential.



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